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Another Dead Child Star Overdose.

River Phoenix. Child Star. Dead of Overdose years back.

Brittany Murphy. Young Star. Pneumonia but suspected heavy drug use and overdose rumored to be a heavy contributing factor. Dead.

Michael Jackson, though it took him a lot longer to get to the stage, and the doctor who administered the medications is not entirely out of the hot water himself, the argument still stands that Jackson inevidably is Dead as a result of an evident overdose and mixture of drugs.

Now Corey Haim, Child star of the 80's famous for Lost Boys and several "buddy films" with other child star Corey Feldman Overdosed on drugs. Dead.

So... forgive me if I'm a bit cheeky and desensitized to all this now.. but.... Let's start a Celebrity Child Star Overdose Pool. Who's the next in the Pool of sad tragic Child Star Overdose deaths? And what should the prize be upon succesful guessing. Let's keep the pool from the following list:

A.) Macaulay Culkin - Child star of the Home Alone Movies. you know he's dipping into the magic snowdust and binging on vodka bottles. He'll soon star in Crack House Alone. It's only a matter of time!

B.) Drew Barrymore - She's come a long way to shake her later teen addictions but this saucy bitch is due for a hard fall and relapse back into the heavy dark world of overdosing on poppers and smack. E.T. the Ecstasy Trip indeed.

C.) Jodie Foster - Oh? you think she's immune just because she's a current sophisticated A list hollywood woman of stature? Remember she starred in such lovely child friendly films in her youth such as "Candleshoe". That's enough to try to dip into some dark demons of drugs and fall down dead.

D.) Rick(y) Schroeder - Silver Spoons anyone? Yeah, especially if he's cookin' some smack in the bowl of said spoons. I bet he is. Odds are favorite for him to end up face down in a pool of overdosed pills and his own barf.

E.) Abe Vigoda and Betty White. Their recent starring roles in the Snickers Super Bowl Commerical. Were they child stars? Who cares! They're going to end up dead from drug overdoses, the both of them! Vote early and often for this duo to be dead together in front of some Hollywood Club sooner or later. Or maybe backstage at their new Las Vegas cabaret show!

Vote In the Comments. Winners Will receive a Dead Celebrity plaque and all the drugs responsible for causing said celebrieties to overdose and die so they can recreate their own personal superstar drug overdose experience.
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