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Corey Haim Death Pool Addendum

Well okay, granted, according to a few medical autopsies they theorize Corey collapsed due to issues with an enlarged heart and lung fluid buildup somewhat akin to pneumonia, at least what I drew from the reports about the autopsy.

Even so, this does not cause some wary suspicious wondering. Lets face it, Nobody is eitehr denying Corey's drug use and abuse and attempts at recovery. His enlarged heart issue could have been fast tracked to collapse on him from said earlier drug use. It probably caused extra highs and endorphins when he did drugs,take the idea of Lance Armstrong the guy with the enlarged heart who won numerous Tour De Frances and other notable bicycle races the natural highs he must've had in his exercise routines. Extra blood pumping around. NOw apply that idea to someone with a similar condition, but take it a darker direction:

Corey Haim enlarged heart, pump some drugs into bloodstream, extra heart pressures to pump those drugs all the way through the body. Probably causing and creating higher and tougher addictions to substances and likely for him tougher to shake because it made more notorious highs than perhaps your typical drug user. All this is supposition and speculation on my behalf and I fully admit I'm far from any medical expert but I can at least make some logical connections that this supposition and speculation may not fall TOO far from whatever did in fact happen.

Even giving the medical benefit of doubt with the heart failure scenario and no immediate evidence of chemical or drug overdose in the immediate sense, what's to say Corey's collapse was caused by damage done previous to his collapse. it was a system waiting to break.

This does not cancel the tongue-in-cheeky Death Pool I'mn still running. But we have yet another new member to our Celebrity Death Pool. Now add Lance Armstrong. Health advocate, bike racer, Tour De France Winner. If Corey can collapse dead from an enlarged heart, who's to say Lance isn't next? You hear about those types of Athlete-drops-dead in their prime stories. Granted Lance doesn't quite fit the original pool focus Kid-Celebrity-grownup-next to Drop dead. but.. whatever. Too bad. He's in!
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