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A message for all NEFurs! Event Planning for May 22nd!

Hi, I'm Danruk Rooface and some of you NE furs know me and some of you don't.
I'm willing to wager MOST of you don't know or have never seen or exeprienced the sport of Australian Rules Football.

A mix and match of Rugby and Soccer and maybe a small touch of tackling styles from American Football (but no padding here!) Australian Rules Football is being presented in a day of local and international competition, hosted by the New England Aussie Football team, The Boston Demons.

There will be a couple games played over the course of a few hours, likely rain-or-shine conditions (but lets hope the weather holds up!) The Boston Demons will be up against a team hailing from Ontario, Canada made up from Players from in and around the Greater Toronto area. These are the OAFL "Awfuls" and some of the players will be hailing from the team I was following and cheering for, The Etobicoke Kangaroos, and I would love to help show and Support the Canucks as they road trip here to show off their skills in game and meet and greet those Kangaroo players that manage to make the road trip cut.

For those of you who might enjoy a fair day of live sporting event, or even just the potential of a place of public meet and greet for something to do as a group together socially, and cheer and support a fun active game, I hope you will all consider attending!

Now for the important details if you would like to come!

When: Saturday, May 22nd
Time: Noon to 4pm (Minimum of 2 games guarantee, potentially a third may be played)
Where: Lexington Vo-Tech High School
758 Marrett Rd Lexington Mass. (Very Close Off Rt 95/128)
Who: So far, Me, Myself and I, and maybe Shaui the Raccoon but possibly YOU too!

If you want more details or need questions for further clarification please feel free to contact me via my MSN Messenger or Yahoo, or leave a note/comment either on my FurAffinity page or my Livejournal Page (message cross posted to both)
Or if necessary, directly by email: danruk[at]lycos.com

Don't miss this public meet opportunity to make more fur friends and watch a good day of sport!
Bring a Picnic Lunch for yourself and yourself for yourself and be there!

Thank you all,

Danruk Rooface
once again NEfur and still in spirit OntarioFur (TorFur)
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