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Danruk and Matt's' Journal

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Thursday, March 10th, 2011
12:04 pm - Danruks Guide to Etiquette on making an Apology
Your mileage may vary but here is MY general rules on when you should need to and offer an apology and how you should go about doing it:

1.) The very first two words to apologize. Learn them. Use them. Start with them before you start with anything else.
they are: (everyone together now) I'M SORRY. You dont necessarily have to bold it out like that but it's amazing how those two words can start an apology ball rolling. Even if you dont THINK you need to/should be sorry. Still say it and start with it.

2.) Continue with a reticent point on you were not intending to harm feelings, or to make offense, and stepped on toes and the like. You don't have to butter it up or schmooze it with insincerity but do be simple and to the point.

3.) Regardless of who is in the wrong or who is in the right, don't spotlight the original offense as fault or blame. Maintain a mistake was made, repeat that you're sorry that mistake and miscommunication caused the grief. Do not try to be "right" (or "righteous/self righteous") EVEN if you MAY be.

4.) If you can swallow a little pride, stroke the ego of the friend you may have crossed and are trying to apologize and make amends. Nothing says "meet me halfway" by trying to give something to smile about or feel good about again. Again, use sincerity and be honest and real.

5.) Know when to be sorry and 'shut up'. The thing about apologies is, you can make them awesome, but don't over-make them. Because even I'll admit there's a line where you have to 'stop being sorry about it'. Let whoever you wronged process it and either accept it, or not.

6.) Accepted apology!? Great! Don't make the mistake of going right back to the original fault and/or trying to constructively criticize. There is a time for that.. but not directly after an apology. (Ie: we know sometimes the truth hurts, but the time for the truth hurts is not during an apology attempt)

7.) Accept that on occasion an apology might not be 'enough'. But don't let that prevent you from trying to make one just the same to re open doors of friendship. Its very true that a good many don't know how to accept an apology either. But that's another entry for another time.

Utilize the above, and a few tactics of your own, and amaze a lot of people, and feel a little better about yourself, in having learned the tact, and tactics of making good apologies.

Apologetically Yours,
Danruk Rooface

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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
11:20 am - Yes, Danruk, real people DO win these sorts of Contests!
A few of you may remember, know, or realize I'm a rather enthusiastic "Guilty Pleasure" fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) regularly watching their flagship TV programs Monday Night Raw And "Smackdown" airing on Friday nights. Furthermore, have been a fan from a rather young age from the late 70's and early 80's when it was then branded as the World Wrestling Federation. (WWF)

Within the last week as I was listening to WZLX radio while driving around in my Limo job, pitching the upcoming show for the "World Tour" live happening at the Cohasset South Shore Music Circus. Then, a day or two later the DJ's pitching a contest to win Tickets from WZLX.COM

So, on a whim I went online, registered to ZLX online website. I entered the contest roughly 35 entries worth. I figured that other WWE enthusiasts who also happened to listen to ZLX would likely be interested too and I may have as good a chance as any other.

I'm pleased to say, that in fact, I must've either got lucky, or the number of people who submitted entries were low and my chances were greater overall to win. Either way, I scored a pair of tickets.

This is pretty fun for two reasons. First: I haven't won a contest in a rather long time. I've entered a few here and there with the hopes I might win, but never really got any luck from those entries. So it's nice to get this. The Venue in of itself is a small couple-thousand seater venue so "any seat" would be good seats. However, since these are "contest winning" seats I have to anticipate they are going to be "better than your average seats" and are likely close or very near "ringside".
Second: I haven't been to a WWE live event since Wrestlemania 18 at Toronto's Sky Dome when I was seated "way up in the rafters", which was still rather fun in of itself but... that was long ago enough now that I think I'm rather "overdue" for a live event anyway.
Also to note on the same general thought: For a good while I was of the attitude "I've been to Wrestlemania (in fact, more than one, but that's another story) what's really left after that?" To which I answer myself: "Dude, you JUST won FREE tickets to the WWE World Tour at Cohasset. Gift Horses, not Looking in mouths. Hello!?"

The feature match of the night is Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Second Generation WWE superstars Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase will also be wrestling matches during the night.

I also figured to invite my brother Mark. No, he's not in any way as big or as enthusiastic of a WWE fan. But he is my brother, and I thought it'd be a nice gesture to give him a chance to do a "brothers night out". He does enough for me... time for me to give a little back.


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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
10:55 am - I can't believe I beat Xydexx to this....


Swimming Ponies!

and it's been happening for 80something YeARS too. Talk about a "tradition"

Okay, so wheres the 80 year tradition of filming swimming kangaroos? The best I can find is on youtube:


Hooray for things that swim. Can You swim? I bet you can! Last one in is a rotten egg!


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Saturday, July 24th, 2010
1:36 pm - Responsibility vs. Temptations
The knowledge of having some responsible income now and saving up some money is awesome thanks to the tips from work, aside from when I get paid too. To realize that I have some good cash flow coming in is great. Responsible roos say to themselves this is a good stepping stone to save up so I can possibly get back to Canada and the Toronto area.

Temptation roos say "Oooh! Fursuit for cons!"
Silly tempted roos.


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Thursday, July 1st, 2010
12:38 pm - Two Words!
Canada Day!


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Thursday, June 10th, 2010
7:48 am - My first night on the job.
Walked away.


With some money from tips in pocket. Yay!!

Actual Retail Value of Cash without going over gets you no prizes or showcases of fabulous trips or a new car. Sorry.

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2010
7:58 am - i need coffee!
Actually yesterday I had a very decent large plastic barrelfulla ice coffee. One of those huge OMG oz. size plastic cups that are often found in most fast foody restaurants. In the small annoyance department mum and dad and mark would all prefer me to leave it in the fridge not-pre-sugared. So that means a few spoonsfulls in the cup while i'm stirring/mixing. This tends to:

A.) not really sugar the drink all that well
B.) until the last couple sips where drinking a sugary halfmelted sludge off the bottom results.

So I dont know if there's any better way to mix a few bits of sugar into a cold drink and have it set nicely and not end up with the sugarsludge at the bottom. Minor inconveniences. Oh well.


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Tuesday, June 1st, 2010
11:16 pm - Crossing all sorts of paws. Part Deux!
I am going to depart from my oft-repeated "two words" Meme and instead go with "three words".

I Got the Job!

I start Monday after some paperwork shuffling and stuff.

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Friday, May 28th, 2010
8:01 am - Crossing all sorts of paws.
Did a really strong interview with a Limousine Company late last night.
The dispatcher for the night shift seemed really impressed with my drivers ed and courier job on past experience on resume.
I know the local south shore area around Massachusetts due to growing up around here.
I know routes to logan airport that aren't the usual routes.
So, I hope to hear something positive later today that I'm in like sin.

Otherwise, back to the drawing board and job hunt.


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Sunday, May 9th, 2010
11:46 am - A message for all NEFurs! Event Planning for May 22nd!
Hi, I'm Danruk Rooface and some of you NE furs know me and some of you don't.
I'm willing to wager MOST of you don't know or have never seen or exeprienced the sport of Australian Rules Football.

A mix and match of Rugby and Soccer and maybe a small touch of tackling styles from American Football (but no padding here!) Australian Rules Football is being presented in a day of local and international competition, hosted by the New England Aussie Football team, The Boston Demons.

There will be a couple games played over the course of a few hours, likely rain-or-shine conditions (but lets hope the weather holds up!) The Boston Demons will be up against a team hailing from Ontario, Canada made up from Players from in and around the Greater Toronto area. These are the OAFL "Awfuls" and some of the players will be hailing from the team I was following and cheering for, The Etobicoke Kangaroos, and I would love to help show and Support the Canucks as they road trip here to show off their skills in game and meet and greet those Kangaroo players that manage to make the road trip cut.

For those of you who might enjoy a fair day of live sporting event, or even just the potential of a place of public meet and greet for something to do as a group together socially, and cheer and support a fun active game, I hope you will all consider attending!

Now for the important details if you would like to come!

When: Saturday, May 22nd
Time: Noon to 4pm (Minimum of 2 games guarantee, potentially a third may be played)
Where: Lexington Vo-Tech High School
758 Marrett Rd Lexington Mass. (Very Close Off Rt 95/128)
Who: So far, Me, Myself and I, and maybe Shaui the Raccoon but possibly YOU too!

If you want more details or need questions for further clarification please feel free to contact me via my MSN Messenger or Yahoo, or leave a note/comment either on my FurAffinity page or my Livejournal Page (message cross posted to both)
Or if necessary, directly by email: danruk[at]lycos.com

Don't miss this public meet opportunity to make more fur friends and watch a good day of sport!
Bring a Picnic Lunch for yourself and yourself for yourself and be there!

Thank you all,

Danruk Rooface
once again NEfur and still in spirit OntarioFur (TorFur)

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Friday, May 7th, 2010
6:20 am - Writer's Block: Take me to your leader!
Do you believe in UFOs? Do you have a gut dis/belief or do you rely on empirical proof?

I think I am an alien. No wait that would conflict with the fact that I think I'm a kangaroo. Oh wait.. yes! Kangaroo Alien. or should that be Alien Kangaroo? But then the question is really about UFO's, not Aliens. My spaceship is NOT parked and hovering above South Africa, nor is it hidden in Witch Mountain, or somewhere over Devil's Peak with flashy lights and musical tones that goes along with it. It's cleverly disguised as the giant flying Japanese monster turtle, Gamera!


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Monday, May 3rd, 2010
2:43 am - Just the other day...
Saturday I for the very first time stepped in to the Boston Opera House (restored and refurbished and operating again for about a year or slightly longer) along with Mum and Dad we took in a cheap matinee (Mom and Dad with a Senior Citizen purchase program)

We went to see the newest adaptation of a Mel Brooks movie to stage "Young Frankenstein"
if you have seen or are a fan of the movie, the stage show follows the story line and includes a few of the classic well known one liners, so it will not disappoint in that respect.

Neither will it disappoint for a familiarity of characters and on stage actors who go on to mimic the roles of Gene Wilder and Madeline Kahn and Terri Garr and Marty Feldman and even Kenneth Mars (the German Inspector) all the while maintaining a bit of their own acting personality to the role.

It gets stocked with quite a few more musical numbers than the movie. I thought the only very minor drawback was the very well known violin crescendo solo known at the beginning, during the drawing Frankenstein to the lab below his castle, and then again to draw the monster to return to the castle for the famous "brain transplant" scene... was modified. It wasn't the very same exact tone and notes. It was minorly altered so that it 'sounded a lot like it, but wasnt'. I don't know why or how that production choice was made, it's as much an intergral part of the known familiarity of the movie, why not keep that in too? Unless there was some production snafu or gaffe with some asshole music rights lawyers who can just go fuck themselves into oblivion if that is the case. I want that violin crescendo that I know in there.

Back to the musical numbers though. They get put together and taken apart and sung with a fair bit of gusto. Our seats were not awful, and certainly also not 'balcony nosebleed', but some of the lyrics to the songs on occasion I lost to the "fuzzy acoustics" of the Opera House. My dad with a hearing issue really couldn't make out any lyrics at all during the whole show, but he rather enjoyed the music and song and dance numbers on the stage. They had this fun impressive number where they built a large puppet-frankenstein and paraded it around for a short bit. two actors for each arm, one for each leg, two or three for the torso and I'll form the Head! Go VOLTRON FORCE!... er... um.. sorry... different review for another time.

Puttin' on the Ritz naturally gets the focus for the big song and dance routine for the entire show. It gets a dance-remix length of time and the tap-softshoe numbers gets joined by the whole ensemble in a pseudo fantasy sequence. The way the monster for our performance mumbled "PnnN oMMn Nah RNntZ!" got a huge round of applauses each time and I nearly swore maybe he was the recently exhumed and revived Peter Boyle playing the role. Yes, that's terrible, but don't say you're not laughing too. Morbid humor is funny.

I have good hopes that the fun factor of this show and musical might spawn at least one or two more Mel Brooks Broadway Musical Play adaptations.
Coming soon:
Men in Tights! The Merry Sherwood Forest Revue!
Spaceballs! - A Space Opera.
Blazing Saddles - High Noon Showdown Hoedown!

I'd probably think at least one or two more.... but I'm gettin tired. It was a fun show to be sure and dinner after was rather decadent too. But all in all, it was a fun time and a good overall show.

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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010
9:28 am - Two Words!
Sleepy outlets.


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Monday, April 12th, 2010
11:00 am - Sometimes Craigslist is an interesting resource.
I got a stroke of luck hitting a Craigslist ad for a Front Desk help with a local hotel. I passed on my resume towards the establishment and even got a quick response back. I re-sent a secondary follow up email and will hope it might lead to at least an interview opportunity.

Crossed paws and all,


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Saturday, April 10th, 2010
1:20 pm - The untimely passing of foxes.
Er... meaning.. that it seems like time passed too quickly while I had AEgis fox visiting with me over this past few days. We had a good day out in Milford and picked up another fur friend Yosho. Spent a day doing a quick nature walk, Clash of the Titans movie, and a few boardgames in the basement.

We hit Cape Cod on a gloriously warm day where I showed him around very quickly my former Cape Cod Community College Campus. He wasn't so keen on that so around Hyannis and then a bit further up to Dennisport where we hit a beach and sat for a good while with a picnic lunch. We'd return back to find a fun little place called the "Zooquarium" but it was so close to closing time we'd end up returning a separate two days later.

The following day, again rather nice and weather pleasant I scurried him to an interesting museum known as "Battleship Cove". Located in the harbor under the bridge in Fall River, Mass it holds a double-hangar that houses two war time PT Boats indoors, and then on the docks outdoors there is a russian warship named Hedensee (class unknown), a submarine (name and class forgotten), and the Kennedy -- destroyer/cruiser (?) and the "flagship" of the Battleship Massachusetts.
Following that we made a quick trip in and out of Providence. Ended up at a food court in a mall, paid way too much for parking in the wrong parking garage. Ah well... such is life.

Thursday somewhere in the mix, I re-earned a valid massachusetts drivers license. I had to take the road test all over again because my former Mass. driv license had been expired for over 7 years, and my Canadian Drivers license had expired as well.

Then we made an eventual return to the Zooquarium on the cape. Sadly, the good weather had given a pass and some spots of rain were falling here and there. We did get to do a bit of the exhibits outside during a thankful short lull in the rain where it held off and was just a few bits of grey skies. Raccoons and a red fox and lots of chickens and birds and ducks, a couple horses, a number of different type of sheep, and even a couple tortoises they kept in the education/show barn were the order of the animals. I fed a couple Llamas too, got my hands damp and dirty from petting various hooved beasties. Would have loved to pet the Raccoons and Fox but no such luck.. they're just a bit too bitey for that!
Too much rain started up again to really comfortably remain outdoors at the Zooquarium, and ended up retreating the remainder of time to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" at the movies in nearby Hyannis.

Several board games and lots of sillness and a good amount of driving around later and it was time for a fox to leave. There was a lot we missed that we could've done, but I also think we fit in a good bit of what we could. I was glad to have his company.


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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010
9:19 am - Writer's Block: Pet talk
If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

Though I don't currently have a pet, If I did.. I'm fairly sure it would be a dog.
And if that dog could talk, the first thing it would say:

"You know, it's hurtful to me when you fart and try to put the blame on me."

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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
10:55 am - Yay fox! - and virus attacks of suspicious origin.
I have a good friend, a fox who is visiting me for a few days through this week.
He goes by the name of Aegis, or sometimes Genji. Or mundanely, Sean. We're going to do few random crazy things, I'll show him around town and other places. He's never been to New England area or Cape Cod. I'll probably drive him crazy with all the old school places I'm going.

Another aside is I suffered a bit of a virus attack to my laptop a few days back. I have a sneaking suspicion that it came somehow by way of the messengers I tend to use. I may have small reason to suspect it wasn't an isolated incident but rather potentially directed. I have suspicions on who to potentially confront but I'm not bothering to follow through. And I'm not saying anymore, but if they're reading this, I bet they know who they are and they now know that I know. So stop it already, there's not much more dirt to find. I'm an adult and supposedly so are you and get over yourself already and find a better hobby than learning I have - oh my fucking god - an adult sex life. Oh, and an aside, don't relate any websites or other pages - adult content or otherwise - that "tree off" on the internet as things I do or approve of or wish to do myself. You have a life too, maybe use your spying energies to instead have a focus on what is supposed to be important in YOUR adult life, and I'll keep my focus on mine, thank you very much.

quick aside to the immediate above, another specific someone i know will wish I hadn't written and posted the above paragraph, but I do so not for the intention of embarrassment or shaming, but to say "I know.. and please back off and desist from further similar actions". And consider this my best attempt at polite way to diffuse further action from you so nothing will escalate.

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Wednesday, March 17th, 2010
12:36 pm - Happy St. Pat's Day
Yes, its that time of the year!

Green beer fest!

Take your favorite golden colored beer.

Add a few blue food coloring drops!

Drink the green until ya piss green!

Don't have a favorite golden colored beer??

No worries, Find an open beer bottle from St. Patricks day last year!

Drink the green until ya puke green!

Same effect, really!

P.S. The only acceptable foods today are Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, and Beer.
Substitute any and all food in the above list with beer if you are out.
If you're out of beer... er... I hadn't thought it out that far.

Have a happy St.Paddy's anyway!

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Friday, March 12th, 2010
2:32 pm - Corey Haim Death Pool Addendum
Well okay, granted, according to a few medical autopsies they theorize Corey collapsed due to issues with an enlarged heart and lung fluid buildup somewhat akin to pneumonia, at least what I drew from the reports about the autopsy.

Even so, this does not cause some wary suspicious wondering. Lets face it, Nobody is eitehr denying Corey's drug use and abuse and attempts at recovery. His enlarged heart issue could have been fast tracked to collapse on him from said earlier drug use. It probably caused extra highs and endorphins when he did drugs,take the idea of Lance Armstrong the guy with the enlarged heart who won numerous Tour De Frances and other notable bicycle races the natural highs he must've had in his exercise routines. Extra blood pumping around. NOw apply that idea to someone with a similar condition, but take it a darker direction:

Corey Haim enlarged heart, pump some drugs into bloodstream, extra heart pressures to pump those drugs all the way through the body. Probably causing and creating higher and tougher addictions to substances and likely for him tougher to shake because it made more notorious highs than perhaps your typical drug user. All this is supposition and speculation on my behalf and I fully admit I'm far from any medical expert but I can at least make some logical connections that this supposition and speculation may not fall TOO far from whatever did in fact happen.

Even giving the medical benefit of doubt with the heart failure scenario and no immediate evidence of chemical or drug overdose in the immediate sense, what's to say Corey's collapse was caused by damage done previous to his collapse. it was a system waiting to break.

This does not cancel the tongue-in-cheeky Death Pool I'mn still running. But we have yet another new member to our Celebrity Death Pool. Now add Lance Armstrong. Health advocate, bike racer, Tour De France Winner. If Corey can collapse dead from an enlarged heart, who's to say Lance isn't next? You hear about those types of Athlete-drops-dead in their prime stories. Granted Lance doesn't quite fit the original pool focus Kid-Celebrity-grownup-next to Drop dead. but.. whatever. Too bad. He's in!

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Wednesday, March 10th, 2010
6:27 pm - Another Dead Child Star Overdose.
River Phoenix. Child Star. Dead of Overdose years back.

Brittany Murphy. Young Star. Pneumonia but suspected heavy drug use and overdose rumored to be a heavy contributing factor. Dead.

Michael Jackson, though it took him a lot longer to get to the stage, and the doctor who administered the medications is not entirely out of the hot water himself, the argument still stands that Jackson inevidably is Dead as a result of an evident overdose and mixture of drugs.

Now Corey Haim, Child star of the 80's famous for Lost Boys and several "buddy films" with other child star Corey Feldman Overdosed on drugs. Dead.

So... forgive me if I'm a bit cheeky and desensitized to all this now.. but.... Let's start a Celebrity Child Star Overdose Pool. Who's the next in the Pool of sad tragic Child Star Overdose deaths? And what should the prize be upon succesful guessing. Let's keep the pool from the following list:

A.) Macaulay Culkin - Child star of the Home Alone Movies. you know he's dipping into the magic snowdust and binging on vodka bottles. He'll soon star in Crack House Alone. It's only a matter of time!

B.) Drew Barrymore - She's come a long way to shake her later teen addictions but this saucy bitch is due for a hard fall and relapse back into the heavy dark world of overdosing on poppers and smack. E.T. the Ecstasy Trip indeed.

C.) Jodie Foster - Oh? you think she's immune just because she's a current sophisticated A list hollywood woman of stature? Remember she starred in such lovely child friendly films in her youth such as "Candleshoe". That's enough to try to dip into some dark demons of drugs and fall down dead.

D.) Rick(y) Schroeder - Silver Spoons anyone? Yeah, especially if he's cookin' some smack in the bowl of said spoons. I bet he is. Odds are favorite for him to end up face down in a pool of overdosed pills and his own barf.

E.) Abe Vigoda and Betty White. Their recent starring roles in the Snickers Super Bowl Commerical. Were they child stars? Who cares! They're going to end up dead from drug overdoses, the both of them! Vote early and often for this duo to be dead together in front of some Hollywood Club sooner or later. Or maybe backstage at their new Las Vegas cabaret show!

Vote In the Comments. Winners Will receive a Dead Celebrity plaque and all the drugs responsible for causing said celebrieties to overdose and die so they can recreate their own personal superstar drug overdose experience.

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