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Yay fox! - and virus attacks of suspicious origin.

I have a good friend, a fox who is visiting me for a few days through this week.
He goes by the name of Aegis, or sometimes Genji. Or mundanely, Sean. We're going to do few random crazy things, I'll show him around town and other places. He's never been to New England area or Cape Cod. I'll probably drive him crazy with all the old school places I'm going.

Another aside is I suffered a bit of a virus attack to my laptop a few days back. I have a sneaking suspicion that it came somehow by way of the messengers I tend to use. I may have small reason to suspect it wasn't an isolated incident but rather potentially directed. I have suspicions on who to potentially confront but I'm not bothering to follow through. And I'm not saying anymore, but if they're reading this, I bet they know who they are and they now know that I know. So stop it already, there's not much more dirt to find. I'm an adult and supposedly so are you and get over yourself already and find a better hobby than learning I have - oh my fucking god - an adult sex life. Oh, and an aside, don't relate any websites or other pages - adult content or otherwise - that "tree off" on the internet as things I do or approve of or wish to do myself. You have a life too, maybe use your spying energies to instead have a focus on what is supposed to be important in YOUR adult life, and I'll keep my focus on mine, thank you very much.

quick aside to the immediate above, another specific someone i know will wish I hadn't written and posted the above paragraph, but I do so not for the intention of embarrassment or shaming, but to say "I know.. and please back off and desist from further similar actions". And consider this my best attempt at polite way to diffuse further action from you so nothing will escalate.
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