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The untimely passing of foxes.

Er... meaning.. that it seems like time passed too quickly while I had AEgis fox visiting with me over this past few days. We had a good day out in Milford and picked up another fur friend Yosho. Spent a day doing a quick nature walk, Clash of the Titans movie, and a few boardgames in the basement.

We hit Cape Cod on a gloriously warm day where I showed him around very quickly my former Cape Cod Community College Campus. He wasn't so keen on that so around Hyannis and then a bit further up to Dennisport where we hit a beach and sat for a good while with a picnic lunch. We'd return back to find a fun little place called the "Zooquarium" but it was so close to closing time we'd end up returning a separate two days later.

The following day, again rather nice and weather pleasant I scurried him to an interesting museum known as "Battleship Cove". Located in the harbor under the bridge in Fall River, Mass it holds a double-hangar that houses two war time PT Boats indoors, and then on the docks outdoors there is a russian warship named Hedensee (class unknown), a submarine (name and class forgotten), and the Kennedy -- destroyer/cruiser (?) and the "flagship" of the Battleship Massachusetts.
Following that we made a quick trip in and out of Providence. Ended up at a food court in a mall, paid way too much for parking in the wrong parking garage. Ah well... such is life.

Thursday somewhere in the mix, I re-earned a valid massachusetts drivers license. I had to take the road test all over again because my former Mass. driv license had been expired for over 7 years, and my Canadian Drivers license had expired as well.

Then we made an eventual return to the Zooquarium on the cape. Sadly, the good weather had given a pass and some spots of rain were falling here and there. We did get to do a bit of the exhibits outside during a thankful short lull in the rain where it held off and was just a few bits of grey skies. Raccoons and a red fox and lots of chickens and birds and ducks, a couple horses, a number of different type of sheep, and even a couple tortoises they kept in the education/show barn were the order of the animals. I fed a couple Llamas too, got my hands damp and dirty from petting various hooved beasties. Would have loved to pet the Raccoons and Fox but no such luck.. they're just a bit too bitey for that!
Too much rain started up again to really comfortably remain outdoors at the Zooquarium, and ended up retreating the remainder of time to see "Hot Tub Time Machine" at the movies in nearby Hyannis.

Several board games and lots of sillness and a good amount of driving around later and it was time for a fox to leave. There was a lot we missed that we could've done, but I also think we fit in a good bit of what we could. I was glad to have his company.

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