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Just the other day...

Saturday I for the very first time stepped in to the Boston Opera House (restored and refurbished and operating again for about a year or slightly longer) along with Mum and Dad we took in a cheap matinee (Mom and Dad with a Senior Citizen purchase program)

We went to see the newest adaptation of a Mel Brooks movie to stage "Young Frankenstein"
if you have seen or are a fan of the movie, the stage show follows the story line and includes a few of the classic well known one liners, so it will not disappoint in that respect.

Neither will it disappoint for a familiarity of characters and on stage actors who go on to mimic the roles of Gene Wilder and Madeline Kahn and Terri Garr and Marty Feldman and even Kenneth Mars (the German Inspector) all the while maintaining a bit of their own acting personality to the role.

It gets stocked with quite a few more musical numbers than the movie. I thought the only very minor drawback was the very well known violin crescendo solo known at the beginning, during the drawing Frankenstein to the lab below his castle, and then again to draw the monster to return to the castle for the famous "brain transplant" scene... was modified. It wasn't the very same exact tone and notes. It was minorly altered so that it 'sounded a lot like it, but wasnt'. I don't know why or how that production choice was made, it's as much an intergral part of the known familiarity of the movie, why not keep that in too? Unless there was some production snafu or gaffe with some asshole music rights lawyers who can just go fuck themselves into oblivion if that is the case. I want that violin crescendo that I know in there.

Back to the musical numbers though. They get put together and taken apart and sung with a fair bit of gusto. Our seats were not awful, and certainly also not 'balcony nosebleed', but some of the lyrics to the songs on occasion I lost to the "fuzzy acoustics" of the Opera House. My dad with a hearing issue really couldn't make out any lyrics at all during the whole show, but he rather enjoyed the music and song and dance numbers on the stage. They had this fun impressive number where they built a large puppet-frankenstein and paraded it around for a short bit. two actors for each arm, one for each leg, two or three for the torso and I'll form the Head! Go VOLTRON FORCE!... er... um.. sorry... different review for another time.

Puttin' on the Ritz naturally gets the focus for the big song and dance routine for the entire show. It gets a dance-remix length of time and the tap-softshoe numbers gets joined by the whole ensemble in a pseudo fantasy sequence. The way the monster for our performance mumbled "PnnN oMMn Nah RNntZ!" got a huge round of applauses each time and I nearly swore maybe he was the recently exhumed and revived Peter Boyle playing the role. Yes, that's terrible, but don't say you're not laughing too. Morbid humor is funny.

I have good hopes that the fun factor of this show and musical might spawn at least one or two more Mel Brooks Broadway Musical Play adaptations.
Coming soon:
Men in Tights! The Merry Sherwood Forest Revue!
Spaceballs! - A Space Opera.
Blazing Saddles - High Noon Showdown Hoedown!

I'd probably think at least one or two more.... but I'm gettin tired. It was a fun show to be sure and dinner after was rather decadent too. But all in all, it was a fun time and a good overall show.
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