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Yes, Danruk, real people DO win these sorts of Contests!

A few of you may remember, know, or realize I'm a rather enthusiastic "Guilty Pleasure" fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) regularly watching their flagship TV programs Monday Night Raw And "Smackdown" airing on Friday nights. Furthermore, have been a fan from a rather young age from the late 70's and early 80's when it was then branded as the World Wrestling Federation. (WWF)

Within the last week as I was listening to WZLX radio while driving around in my Limo job, pitching the upcoming show for the "World Tour" live happening at the Cohasset South Shore Music Circus. Then, a day or two later the DJ's pitching a contest to win Tickets from WZLX.COM

So, on a whim I went online, registered to ZLX online website. I entered the contest roughly 35 entries worth. I figured that other WWE enthusiasts who also happened to listen to ZLX would likely be interested too and I may have as good a chance as any other.

I'm pleased to say, that in fact, I must've either got lucky, or the number of people who submitted entries were low and my chances were greater overall to win. Either way, I scored a pair of tickets.

This is pretty fun for two reasons. First: I haven't won a contest in a rather long time. I've entered a few here and there with the hopes I might win, but never really got any luck from those entries. So it's nice to get this. The Venue in of itself is a small couple-thousand seater venue so "any seat" would be good seats. However, since these are "contest winning" seats I have to anticipate they are going to be "better than your average seats" and are likely close or very near "ringside".
Second: I haven't been to a WWE live event since Wrestlemania 18 at Toronto's Sky Dome when I was seated "way up in the rafters", which was still rather fun in of itself but... that was long ago enough now that I think I'm rather "overdue" for a live event anyway.
Also to note on the same general thought: For a good while I was of the attitude "I've been to Wrestlemania (in fact, more than one, but that's another story) what's really left after that?" To which I answer myself: "Dude, you JUST won FREE tickets to the WWE World Tour at Cohasset. Gift Horses, not Looking in mouths. Hello!?"

The feature match of the night is Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship. Second Generation WWE superstars Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase will also be wrestling matches during the night.

I also figured to invite my brother Mark. No, he's not in any way as big or as enthusiastic of a WWE fan. But he is my brother, and I thought it'd be a nice gesture to give him a chance to do a "brothers night out". He does enough for me... time for me to give a little back.

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